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Oceans of Opportunity

Enrichment and exposure to a variety of experience is key in preparing student for opportunities in their future.  Here at Hannalei we have many opportunity for students including a robust vocal and instrumental music program with an ensemble band.  Students also learn in our fully equipped enrichment labs which focus on STEM, engineering, and the digital arts.  Teachers also build in a time called the Community of Opportunity where students explore strengths and interests. 

Inquiry Based Learning

Inquiry based learning includes teaching methods built on students' individual knowledge and interests and emphasizes how to learn and how to find information. Teachers are viewed as facilitators and not distributors of knowledge, encouraging students to investigate, explain, and make connections.  Learning is constructed in a way that is differentiated or that is specific to the needs of each learner within the classroom.

Enrichment Labs

Digital Arts

Students study the digital arts and design movies, presentations, Ted Talks, and more. 


Students participate in vocal and instrumental music lessons that include recorders, steel drums, xylophones, ukeleles, guitars, percussion, and more. 

Ensemble Band

5th graders can become members of the band, playing trumpet, saxophone, flute, clarinet, trombone, or percussion.


Lessons are provided in coding, robotics, engineering, design, and more. 


Students are taught to be active through physical education with a focus on Ballet Folklórico.