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Parent Involvement

Parent volunteers play a vital role in the success and enrichment of our school. Your active involvement and dedication contribute to a supportive learning environment that benefits both students and educators. By volunteering your time and expertise, you foster a sense of community and collaboration within our school. You may offer valuable assistance in various activities, such as classroom assistance, field trips, fundraising events, and extracurricular programs. Parent volunteers not only provide extra support to teachers but also serve as positive role models for students, demonstrating the importance of active engagement and giving back to the community. Your involvement helps create a stronger bond between home and school, fostering open communication and trust between parents, teachers, and administrators. 

Volunteer in the Classroom

Opportunities include working with small groups of students, chaperoning field trips, or helping teachers prepare materials. 

Begin by coordinating with the teacher and then complete the volunteer handbook. 

Volunteer Handbook

Manual de servicio voluntario

Community School Advisory Board

Our Community School Advisory Board leverages the expertise and resources of the broader community to deliver learning supports that meet student and family needs all with the ultimate goal of improved academic achievement.  We need your help!

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Parent Teacher Association

Our PTA is motivated to provide improved experiences for all of our students!  

Support PTA by becoming a member today.


A wide range of volunteer opportunities are available that meet your needs.

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English Learner Advisory Council

ELAC is a committee comprised of parents, staff, and community members designated to advise school Hannalei on English learner programs and services.

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