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Erik Korporaal

Assistant Principal

Olga Orozco-Neri

Aloha Students, Parents, and Guardians,

I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to each and every one of you as we embark on an exciting academic journey at our school. I am thrilled to be part of a community dedicated to providing a nurturing and exceptional learning environment for our students.

At our school, we believe that education is an ocean of opportunity, and we are committed to helping our students explore, discover, and navigate these endless possibilities. It is our aim to cultivate a passion for learning, critical thinking, and creativity in each student, empowering them to become confident and successful individuals.

One of the distinctive features of our school is our Dual Language Immersion program. We recognize the importance of equipping our students with the skills to thrive in an increasingly globalized world. Through our immersive approach, students have the opportunity to learn and develop proficiency in two languages, gaining a competitive edge in their future endeavors. This program not only enhances linguistic abilities but also fosters cultural understanding and empathy, preparing our students to be effective communicators and global citizens.

Our dedicated team of educators is committed to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment where every student feels valued and respected. We prioritize personalized instruction, allowing us to meet the unique needs of each learner and provide them with the tools and resources necessary for their academic success. We also encourage collaboration and engagement, both inside and outside the classroom, to foster a sense of community and promote social growth.

As we embark on this new academic year, I encourage you to actively participate in your child's education. Our school firmly believes in the power of partnership between home and school, and we value the insights and contributions of our parents and guardians. Together, we can create a strong support system that nurtures the growth and development of our students.

I look forward to getting to know each of you and witnessing the incredible growth and achievements of our students throughout the year. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Let us embrace the oceans of opportunity that lie ahead and embark on a remarkable educational journey together.

Wishing you all a successful and fulfilling school year!


Mr. Korporaal

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Please contact our Office Manager, Ms. Anderson, to schedule an appointment. Email or call (760) 631-6248 ext 42002.